More efficiency to construction with professional project management and innovative prefabrication

Moduls is a new patented, prefabricated engine room solution

Moduls has been created as a result of a long cooperation with the S-group. We are able to apply the latest energy-saving solutions. Furthermore, the various components can be tailored to the needs of the devices.

The Moduls engine room is built separate from the building location. The manufacturing and testing take place in the factory. After this it is moved to the building to its reserved place. Separate building process facilitates coordination of the work.

Modular construction reduces crucially the construction completion schedule, seamless integration of technology represents significant energy savings for the property. In addition, use and maintenance of the devices is facilitated.

The new method guarantees high quality of technical solutions and reliability of the equipment. The prefabricated engine room enhances the building process, facilitates keeping to the schedule, enables a faster building process and enhances the life-cycle affordability.


Iiro Siponen, S-ryhmä „ The building process went really well. We were able to cut the schedule in half. "